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Guess what I see most often that robs shooters of targets & game in the bag?

by: Joe Rankin

Take several guesses…poor gun fit? Sloppy mount? Not focused on the bird? Nope, you’re not even warm yet. This is not only true of beginning shooters, but many intermediate & even some advanced shooters. OK, here’s the answer. It’s EXCESSIVE gun speed. Many shooters approach each targets exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fast crosser, shallow quartering target, floppy incomer, or a screaming teal. They have the same move on everything…& it’s always too fast! Being a musician, I have used the term “harmony” (stolen from another Instructor), & the word “connection” came up in my Level III course. I like both of those. However, in our age of computer lingo, I like the term “in sync” with the bird. In short, the muzzle movement should basically be a mirror of what the target is doing. Make sense? If you’re making what I refer to as the “mad slash” move on a slow moving target, you’re in trouble.

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