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NSCA Level III Certified Instructor – The Instructor Certification Program offers three levels of expertise. The requirements for taking the course can be found on the National Sporting Clays Association website at under the Instructor Certification tab.

• Two Terms on NSCA Advisory Council – The NSCA Advisory Council is the governing body for Sporting Clays. Members are elected representatives from 3 categories: Shooters, Range Owners/Managers & Industry. Each category has 15 members. The Advisory Council is elected by the National Delegates of each state. I served in 2006-2009.

Master Class Competitor – NSCA offers 7 different classes so that participants are competing with shooters of the same ability level. The classes are: E, D,C, B, A, AA, & Master. In short, Master Class is the highest class of NSCA shooters & is comprised of approximately the top 6% of NSCA members. 

Several terms as National Delegate to NSCA – Served several consecutive terms as a National Delegate to the NSCA from Mississippi.

Accomplished Wing Shooter – I particularly enjoy hunting doves, quail & crows. Doves are my favorite with quail a very close second. Years ago, I got a Brittany puppy from a hunting buddy as a gift. I had Kelly professionally trained -what a dog! For several years, we hunted in many states. She’s gone now, but was a great friend & hunting companion.

Member of Sporting Clays All State Team – Member of State Team for numerous years.

Member of Skeet All State First Team – Member of Skeet State Team for numerous years.

Board Member of State Sporting Clays Association – Served several years as board member.

Former Board Member of State Skeet Shooting Association – Served as both Vice-President & President of the Mississippi State Skeet Shooting Association.